TE†ÉN is a reformed community. We see it as a newborn congregation, a church plant. The “mother” of this community is the congregation on Salétrom street. We are not a self-supporting congregation yet, but we live a separate life.

The new communities have special opportunity to tell the message of Jesus. It is easier to form new relationships, there is place for the questions and also for the seeking people’s doubt. We are flexible about the forms and borders, but we stick to the content: our faith is based on Jesus himself, as it is stated in the reformed confessions of faith.

Our conviction is that Budapest needs new congregations, as well as the new communities can add to the existing communities too.

Magdolna district

The place and focus of our service is the Magdolna district in Józsefváros. In this part of the area lives most of the Roma people. Our aim is to build our community together with Roma and Hungarian people. This is not a political or ideological programme, but we see a lot of serious cultural and social pressure that have existed for a long time. Jesus is the only authority, who we obey and it helps us to be together as a community. His person and his truth does not allow us to supress the problems, differences: we have to face these and this way we are all called for a new life.

In this district the poverty, unemployment and the fact of being unschooled results in using and spreading drugs, prostitution and crime too. In our congregation there are people from very different backgrounds. For most of them it is a surprising meeting, problems and differences are better seen: poor and rich, Roma and Hungarian people, moralists and criminals. There are the sins and wounds everywhere, even if they appear differently. We say that the illnesses of society can be cured only through Jesus and through a new life with him. We want to show his kindness and grace with our presence and our service in the district.