How does it work?

We don’t have much money, but we operate in luxury.

Luxury means that every child who belongs to our one-on-one tutoring program has a volunteer (an adult to study with) who is focusing on his or her needs once a week for two lessons.

Many times, there is a friendship that arises between the student and adult. As the students realize that these tutors care for them, they also get motivated to study better. (“It is important what happens to me. Not only my parents and teachers talk about school. S/he comes because of me. Will s/he be proud of me?”)

We start one-on-one tutoring at the beginning of primary school, and this really helps to keep the children coming continuously. By grade 6-8 they have had long years of studying together, and these kids continue attending school, something that otherwise might not happen.

The students in this program have the opportunity to visit a workplace of their choice. By the time they have to decide what career path to go down, they will have had different experiences to decide on. (Dreams have to be taken care of to make them become reality).

If a donation makes funds available, we give a scholarship once a semester to the students who perform best. This reward is not given just because they are poor, but to help them experience how joyful work and studying can be.