The dream of a new community

Classes and playhouses are started for the children of the neighborhood. More and more connections and friendships arise. People living in the ‘Magdolna’ quarter of Budapest demand a new and strong community.

Frameworks build up

The initiative is given the name YOU&ME. Thanks to the support of the Swiss HEKS, we can look for our own residence and our team can grow through part-time colleagues.

We have a place, you have a place

We can move in to the ground floor of the building situated on the corner of Homok Street, which is let by the local government with a special discount to us. The new home offers a greater level of independence, a more active community, and more programs. The playhouse can be every week and the children can join the after-school program.

Every Sunday is a Feast

From Pentecost, a new place of reformed worship is born in the Magdolna quarter. Both the composition and the liturgy of the small congregation better and better reflect the district’s cultural, ethnic, and social variegation.