As a congregation, we try to be free and self-sufficient. We don’t want to depend on one big organization or the government. Our belief is that it is the responsibility of the church members first to maintain church life.

At the same time, since we are a small community and do a wide range of social work, our work goes beyond our financial limits. Because of this, we welcome and value volunteer work and financial support. Our maintenance depends mostly on small amounts of donations from individual people.

A wide variety of volunteer work is needed: long-term and short-term services, teaching, playing, and workshops. We also have fields where we do not have any requirements about personal world view. If you are interested, feel free to contact us personally or through the given contact information.

We suggest that those who give donations come and visit us. We want them to have a look into our programs and be convinced that our work is really worthy to be supported. Financial support is used mainly to keep up our space, pay the salary of our colleagues and buy daily needs.

We think that accountability is important. If someone gives an amount of money for a special purpose, we are ready to account it at any time.