Life skills

We are not against school, we actually want to help the work of schools. However, studying in this case does not mean learning subjects or gathering pieces of information.

What happens when you eat a bit of cabbage, rice, meat and spices? Can you say that you ate stuffed cabbage? Of course not. But those who think that studying is only about subjects think this is true. We can divide our world into math, geography and literature, but life is much more than that – and more delicious. 🙂

Because of this, we have short, interesting and useful after-school workshops. After 6-8 sessions, when you reach the end of the course, you know what you learned and what to use it for – learning in a way you may not have a chance to in school.

For example, what do those who go to the map editor workshop learn? They get to know the free world map, what it is like to work in a group, how to navigate, and how to use an editing program. They also make photos and go on excursions.

There are always many different workshop options to choose from. If you don’t find one that interests you, then we can start one.

We welcome volunteers in these activities: if you have an interesting job or hobby, and you would like to share it with the kids, feel free to contact us!