Church events


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The time of church events can be found at the contacts.

Sunday service

Who can participate?
We welcome you to Sunday service, no matter what cultural background, nationality, financial background, education, or career you have. We are happy if you participate, because we believe that it is God’s guidance if someone can hear his word.

What are the frameworks?
Our Sunday service is longer than most reformed church services, but shorter than in most small churches. Usually about 15-25 people participate, giving the service a family atmosphere. We don’t expect religious behaviour. We would like you to participate in things that you are convinced about, and that won’t disturb others. You don’t have to suit up, but some people like to express this way that for them it is a feast.

What is the teaching like?
Most of the time there are two teachings and we also share personal experiences too. Questions are allowed during the teaching too. You don’t have to be afraid of asking something wrong: we like to discuss questions, and others can build from your thoughts too.

What is the music like?
Our worship songs vary from traditional reformed church songs, worship songs, and Roma worship songs. It is not because this way everybody can find something that suits him/her, but because this way everybody can accommodate one another. There are also various forms of worship. Some people like to stand up or clap, but others like to stay seated. Both are allowed, and we do not have certain expectations about it.

Do I have to give a donation?
If you are a guest or it is your first time here—or you just don’t have anything to give—we do not expect you to do so. We are happy that you came. Those who belong to the church and want to express their gratitude to God, or want to help the church, have the opportunity for this.

Children’s service

During the Sunday service, there is a children’s service for kids under the age of 12. The children participate in the worship and, after a prayer, they go to their own service. Teenagers are welcome in the Sunday service with the adults.

Bible study

Bible study is for those who would like to see and understand a Bible topic or book as a whole. One series takes a few weeks. It is not so personal but very exciting.

Small groups

This is for those who want to belong to a group of people with whom they have a stronger and closer relationship. They pray together and discuss personal questions. If you would like to belong to such a group, come to our Sunday service and let us know.

TE†ÉN Teahouse

If you just want to be socialized a bit or have a chat, come to our teahouse and meet us. This is not a very organized event, but a good opportunity to get to know each other.

The basics of Christian faith

If you are not yet a follower of Jesus, but you are interested in his person and teachings, you do not have to wait for a special occasion to talk about it. As reformed Christians, we are happy to talk about our faith and experiences any time. Feel free to contact us or come personally.

Special occasions

From time to time, we have special events. Find these in our calendar, on social media, or in the news section.